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For a time, girls were even indentured to farm families.But with the high-minded ideals of the reformers, there was a dark side as well, explained Ned Loughran, executive director of the Council for Juvenile Correctional Administrators, in Braintree, Mass.

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Roles said her mother slapped the sister, saying, "What am I supposed to do?"It totally infuriates me," said Katrina Pollet, pausing at a box of yellowed photos from years gone by as staff sorted and packed up late this summer.The last superintendent, she's passionate about helping the girls who've left Beloit for good.Its two-block long downtown, filled with charming century-old buildings, is less than a mile away.The institution, right down to its rural setting, is typical of the ones that began opening in the middle part of the 19th century as rehabilitation-focused reformers sought to end the practice of housing juveniles alongside adults in deplorable conditions.Beloit became a training ground for workers from the Topeka-based Menninger Clinic, which became known internationally for humanizing treatment of the mentally ill.

The therapy provided a means for the girls to finally talk openly about the abuse many of them had experienced.

Twenty-two recommended sterilizations, pending when Coyner left, were never carried out.

'Role models' The harsh treatment had been swept away by the time Diane Roles arrived.

Not even running away but just kind of being a pain in the neck." The treatment they received varied, as it was not uncommon in the early days for entire staffs to change after elections.

Some administrations taught the girls to play musical instruments and barred corporal punishment, while others relied on draconian forms of discipline.

"These kids were an eyesore for the upper classes of society," he said.