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De motivatiepsychologie heeft het aangetoond: 16 geselecteerde motieven kunnen de rijke verscheidenheid van de menselijke persoonlijkheid verklaren.

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Recomandam utilizatorilor sa optimizeze versiunea Flash a discutiei(care este folosita acum).

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At Adult, we have thousands of articles and member blogs devoted to sex, and sex dating.

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Many other dating sites charge for their services and we think that a true love should be 100% free.

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The graphics are superb and the models are really pretty. If you register, I can assign this comment and this chatbot to your account, allowing you to edit the text yourself. Kari is good too but the 3d girls are just drop down gorgeous. Putting i=you, i=me, i=i, you=me, or any of that works either. And also like Philip says, the instructions on how to use of any of the settings to their best effect is none existent. No I don't expect this to be Skynet, but it's really no AI at all from what I can see.